The hands-on fun offered by Beck’s “The Information” phenomenon does not end with the sticker sheets. Many of the eye-catching stickers have been adapted as “transfers”, otherwise known as iron-ons for T-shirts (and other types of clothing, I suppose). Four different transfer sheets are available at Beck’s official website ( Each transfer sheet corresponds with a standard CD sticker sheet; that is to say, all of the iron-ons available on the transfer sheet pictured here, which is identified as “No. 1”, are based on stickers originally found on the first standard CD sheet.


So not only can you be the cool kid on your block with the best self-designed Beck CD cover, now you can also strut the scene in your very own self-designed Beck T-shirt. What next?


The transfer sheet is about 17 1/2 inches by 9 inches. Because each individual transfer is affixed to the sheet backwards, the imagery, pale and lacking in visible detail when seen from behind, failed to scan properly; hence I have taken each particular sticker, flipped it, and set it in its proper place on this cyberspace version of the transfer sheet.

The transfer sheet that was sent to me in a cardboard tube from came with two extra transfers, each on its own little sheet. The purple face is 11 centimeters by 5.5 centimeters. The horse is 10 centimeters by 12.5 centimeters. While all of the other transfers are set backwards and thus somewhat hard to make out, the purple face looks right-side-up and is vividly colored. The horse is the only transfer associated with transfer sheet no. 1 that has been altered from its original sticker design -- obviously the horse here is white, whereas the horse on the sticker sheet is black. I have darkened the sheet on which the white horse is placed in order to better display the outlines of the iron-on.

The transfers come with two information sheets. The first is a set of instructions (“How to Press Each Transfer”, “How to Overlap Images”); and the second is a set of washing guidelines, in order to give your self-designed Beck T- shirt “a long life”.