The “O Menina” promo CD presents yet another variation on the art design for The Information. This is the only Information-related release which has text printed straight onto the grid motif on the front cover. Although some of the other versions of the art design include a text accompaniment of some kind to the front cover, the text of all of these other versions is always printed on a sticker. In fact, this is the only version of all of the Information-themed releases which does not come with any stickers (except for the “Nausea” one track CD promo which was released for radio stations and not meant for record stores).

The “O Menina” promo CD is particularly special because it is the only version of the art design in which the Beck name on the front cover is not a sticker. Here, it is printed straight onto the cardboard slipcase. Moreover, this version of the Beck lego logo is the largest in size of all of the Beck logos on all of the various versions of the Information CDs and the four track CDs. The front cover of the Taiwanese version of the standard CD release features the largest Beck name of all of the standard release versions worldwide (to the best of my knowledge); on the Taiwanese CD the Beck name is 6.9 cm long and 2.2 cm high. Here, the Beck name is a whopping 9.1 cm long (measuring from the top left of the “B” to the bottom right of the “K”) and 3 cm high.
four track advance CD
four track advance CD -- variation
7" vinyl
These are the three other cardboard slipcase versions of the Information-themed art design (if there are others, I haven’t discovered them yet). The Beck lego logo is a sticker on all three covers. "The Information” illustration on the cover in the middle is a sticker. The text on the cover of the vinyl version is printed on a circular sticker.

The front of the one track CD offers one more tidbit of interest. The black and white color scheme of the Beck lego logo is a rare sight in the universe of The Information. This particular coloration of the logo is characteristic of promo material only, and can be found on three of the advance sticker sheets (and on two of these it is on the back). Its only instance as a sticker is on the front of the curious biped advance sticker.



name appears here larger than actual size