American Sticker Sheet Serial Number Variation

The serial number on the sticker sheet that came with my American CD is

BOOO7576-00 FLO2-A.

This is strange. All of the other American sticker sheets that I have seen have the prefix “B00” not “B000”. The American sticker sheet in my possession has the catalogue number of the American CD (B0007576-00) and also some of the catalogue number of the “ordinary” American stickers (FL02-A). It’s a hybrid.

Moreover, the American sticker sheet serial number is usually found in the top right square. Here, it is located in the middle right square.

The Canadian sticker sheets have “B000”, but not “7576”, and the serial numbers are located in the bottom right square. The Japan CD has a completely different type of catalogue number but the sticker sheet has, a-ha, “B0007576-00 FL02-A” -- but the serial number for the Japan sticker sheet is located in the top right square.

top right and middle right squares