Taiwan Sticker Sheet 3
The various versions of the standard CD release, both American and international, come with one of four different sticker sheets. This sheet corresponds with American sheet C, Japan sheet C, U.K. sheet 3, and German sheet 3. In fact, this sheet is identical to the German sheet. What makes this sticker set a little bit different from the American, Japan, and U.K. versions is the inclusion of one bonus song sticker (“Inside Out”). The U.K. sheets each have two bonus songs/stickers, but the American and Japan sheets have no bonus stickers at all. Also, the song title stickers on the Taiwan version are a little smaller than their counterparts on the American sheet because room had to be made for the extra sticker. The sticker paper backing, apparently identical to the paper used for the U.K. and German versions, is heavier in weight than the paper used for the American and Japanese versions.